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Make life easier for small businesses by enabling their products and services to work together seamlessly

Codat is focused on making financial integrations as simple as a click of a button. We build developer-friendly infrastructure that gives businesses the ability to create their own next-generation products. Having experienced the pain of managing integrations with multiple accounting and financial software providers we decided to build a product to make this process as quick and easy as possible.

The potential for small business financial services

Connectivity between business products and services is inevitable

The financial and business data ecosystem is growing into a huge network of data sources with financial institutions and software providers becoming not just consumers, but sources of data themselves, as the need for integrations grows.

In a world of ever-increasing connectivity, financial services will increasingly look like a collection of integrated data flows, rather than static reports and one-off experiences.

Codat is here to make that change happen as soon as possible.

Despite the rapid rise of fintech, only a fraction of SMB financial services are actually provided digitally. But financial services providers are now starting to wake up and provide modern, compelling products to small businesses. We've only just started to scratch the surface of the change that will come from allowing businesses to leverage their own data.

Matt Hicks, Codat Commercial Director


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