Accounting API

Access accounting data from every SMB customer

Launch high-quality and standardized integrations with your customers’ accounting software. View, create, update, and delete data in the same way for all the leading accounting platforms.

Upgrade your connectivity

Xero integration

Build integrated products that connect to your customers' accounting software. Use Codat's Xero API integration to pull, push, and update a wide range of endpoints, including Profit and Loss and Bank Transactions, in a standardized format. To gain a complete understanding of exactly which endpoints are available, visit our docs.

Accelerate your roadmap

QuickBooks Online API integration

With Codat, the approved integration partner of Intuit, it's quicker and easier to develop secure connections to the QuickBooks Online API. Via Codat’s QuickBooks Online integration you can access, create, and update a wide range of data types including Bills, Invoices, and Payments. Visit our docs to learn more about integrating with QuickBooks Online.

The data model

The definitive accounting data model for every use case

Thousands of developers are using Codat’s Accounting API to build a diverse range of solutions, including digital lending products, accounts payable platforms, and financial planning and analysis tools.

easy authorization

Integration made easy for you and your customers

Your customers connect their accounts in a few simple steps. Use Codat’s optimized, white-labeled Link UI or build the experience into your app.

Case Study

How Comma saved months of work developing 5-star accounting integrations

SMBs use multiple, disconnected systems to manage their financials, making bill payments and reconciliation incredibly time-consuming and challenging. To give customers the ability to bulk pay invoices, salaries, and taxes in one click, Comma needed powerful accounting integrations spanning multiple major platforms. But building integrations from scratch is costly and time-consuming—especially for a start-up.

Comma leveraged the pre-built integrations available via Codat’s universal API to ship quickly and conserve bandwidth. Following a single, simple build, Comma gained access to all the accounting platforms used by its target market, providing a quick and easy path to connectivity for its customers.

  • 40% faster time to market per integration
  • 70% customer adoption of integrations
  • 5-star rating on Xero's marketplace
  • Reduction in errors due to real-time data syncing
  • Multi award-winning solution