Accounting API

Access accounting data from every small business

Standardize how you connect to you customers accounting software. View, create, update, and delete data in the same way for all the leading accounting platforms.

Powering the best fintech solutions and providers

Simple, scalable accounting integrations

Connect to the accounting platforms your small business customers use with a single, simple integration.

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Easy-to-use API

Build accounting integrations at scale using a flexible API, saving you months of work when rolling out multiple platforms.

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Expert guidance

We get accounting so you don't have to. We handle the technical complexity so you can focus on building products your customers love.

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World-class documentation

Access all major accounting integrations your small business customers use, supported by world-class documentation to help you build at scale.

The definitive accounting model to handle every use case

Automate tasks for your small business customers with a more efficient way to build and maintain feature-rich accounting integrations.


Integrations made simple

Your customers connect their accounts in a few simple steps. Use Codat's optimized, white-labeled Link UI or build the experience into your app.

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Build accounting at scale

Pull and push up-to-date accounting data to your customers' accounting software, with a simple way to view, create, update, and delete data without needing to worry about each platform's specific complexities.

Case studies

Learn how it can work for you

Payments providers, expense management platforms and more go to market with new accounting integrations faster with Codat.

Integrate payments data

Comma saw 40% faster time to market per accounting integration.

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Save customers admin hours

Codat helps Ordo customers issue invoices securely and get paid faster.

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