Codat for Accounting

Use our technology to view all of your client data in one place

Whether you’re an accountant or an accounting vendor using Codat you will enable your clients to automatically share data from their accounting platform and you can even push back updates to provide seamless end-to-end experiences irrespective of which software they are using. This will help to deepen your ties with your customers and enable more unified in-house workflows.

How we help you

1. All your client data in one place and in a standard format irrespective of which software they use.

2. We provide you with real-time data insight to enhance your advisory role with your clients. Make sure your clients have access to the right finance and technology products at the right time.

3. We help save you the hassle of developing integrations directly with accounting platforms and enable a simple integration to a standardised API where Codat handles the heavy lifting of many third-party integrations.

How we help your customers

1. No more e-mails back and forth at the end of the month. A one-time authorisation enables them to share accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial reports and bank statements.

2. Automation of data sharing saves your clients time to focus on what they are good at and reduce paper work and administration.

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