Data for faster, more profitable small business lending

Assess is tailor made for small business lending, providing the data you need to make quick, informed credit decisions. Retrieve enhanced financial data and build key metrics to better understand the health of a business.

Make smarter risk decisions

Assess simplifies the collection and processing of data, automatically enhancing it with risk indicators so you can make more confident lending decisions.

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Reduce default risk

Automate the calculation of financial ratios and metrics, helping you better predict loan performance in real-time.

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Increase return

Build a more profitable small business loan book with real-time access to your customers' financial performance.


Accelerate time to decision

Reduce operating costs by eliminating document collection and time-consuming financial statement spreading.

Uncover insights you didn't have before

Assess categorizes and enriches your customers' accounting, commerce, and banking data to get a deeper understanding of customers' creditworthiness.

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Decision with accurate data

Assess cross-references accounting records with bank transactions to measure data accuracy, helping you confidently say yes while protecting you from fraud.


Accurately categorized transactions

Machine learning models trained on thousands of small business data sets give you the context you need to better understand customer cash flow.

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Automated spreads and financial ratios

Normalized financial statements help you to build key risk ratios, metrics and alerts at scale without the need for manual interpretation.


Lending with Codat

Digital lenders and fintechs make faster, more accurate lending decisions when they use Codat to power their models with up-to-date, comprehensive data.

Insights that power lending

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Accelerate applications

See how Ampla uses data to finance businesses quickly and with confidence.

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