Make faster, more accurate SMB credit decisions

Get a 360° view of your small business customers’ financial health. Assess collects, processes, and enriches your customers' real-time accounting, commerce, and banking data and surfaces intelligent insights you didn't have before.

Make smarter risk decisions

Assess categorizes and enriches your SMB customers' data, producing actionable insights to help you underwrite better.

Say yes faster

Simple and quick data sharing for business customers. SMB data in the right format, ready to be plugged into credit models

Automate your underwriting process

Assess automates the collection and processing of data in minutes, not hours.

How Assess works

Assess turns SMB customer data into powerful insights and surfaces them to you in the right format, ready to be plugged into your underwriting models.

1. Your SMB customers share their data

Your customers share their real-time accounting, commerce, and banking data from the software they use, via one link.

2. Data is categorized

Assess standardizes, categorizes, and enriches data.

3. Calculates metrics

Assess produces pre-calculated financial ratios and sales analysis metrics, ready to be plugged into your models.

Enhanced financial statements

Easily compare small business financials


SMBs represent their accounts in many different ways, which makes comparing financials across multiple businesses hard. Extracting meaningful insights from the data is challenging and time-consuming.


Assess maps each businesses’ P&L and Balance Sheet to a single format, for every business connected to Codat.

Data Cross-referencing

Ensure you decision with accurate data

Assess cross-references accounting records with bank transactions to measure how accurate your customers’ data is, helping you say yes with more confidence, whilst protecting you from fraud.

A complete set of features to make developers’ lives easier

  • A single API and API key
  • Fully standardised data model
  • Scheduled or on-demand data refresh
  • Webhooks to manage workflow
  • No rate limits, ever
  • Fully-handled authorisation token generation, storage, and refresh
  • Detailed docs with code snippets and examples

Learn how it can work for you

How digital lenders are using data from their customers’ financial software

When it comes to credit decisioning, SMB expectations are evolving. Access to real-time, relevant data is the only way to offer the products they now expect.

Make faster, more accurate lending decisions

Learn how Assess powers digital lending