April 2022 – Product Updates

April 2022 Product Updates

This April, we shipped a new product, enabled more integrations for more use cases, and made many quality-of-life improvements. As ever, you can refer to our public roadmap to view and vote on forthcoming features.

New product: Assess

This month, we launched a new product for lenders and others who need to understand the real-time risk profile of their small business customers. How small businesses access finance is transforming, with disruptive new lenders entering the market and offering more relevant products, faster time-to-cash, and a simple, digital customer experience.

Codat already provides the data infrastructure on which many of these new propositions are developed. Assess now enhances this infrastructure with smart new features that make it even easier to make the right decisions about customers.


When you use Assess, your customers connect their accounting, commerce, and banking data through Codat’s Link journey. Assess then enhances that data with advanced metrics and analysis. Assess also provides data in the same format on every customer, making it simple to plug into existing credit models.

To find out more about why and how we built Assess, read the product launch blog.

More support for accounting automation in Oracle NetSuite

Codat now enables even deeper Oracle NetSuite integrations. This month, we shipped new features for building various forms of accounting automation, especially across B2B payments, procurement, expenses, point-of-sale, and eCommerce use cases.

Specifically, Codat has added support for:

  • GET bill payments, bill attachments, direct costs, and direct income attachments.
  • POST bills, bill payments, bill credit notes, direct incomes, and direct cost attachments,

Two-way support for AP data, including bills, bill payments, attachments, and credit notes simplifies building integrated products on top of highly customizable and feature-rich ERPs like Oracle NetSuite.

New Sage Intacct features including direct incomes

On the theme of mid-market accounting, Codat has also strengthened support for Sage Intacct. Alongside the ability to GET transfers and POST customers, Codat now provides bi-directional support for direct incomes in Sage Intacct: GET and POST direct incomes, as well as POST direct income attachments.

Direct incomes are a type of account transaction that can represent several different things, including a sale when the payment is received at the point of the sale, cash refunds, and money deposited into a bank account. Direct income attachments are usually sales receipts that need to be kept for tax reporting purposes. Two-way direct income support is critical for a wide range of accounting automation use cases, particularly for point-of-sale and eCommerce platforms.

Even more improvements for QuickBooks Online

Codat continues to add to our support for QuickBooks Online. This month, we improved tax calculation for expenses and bill payments, direct income handling for invoices and credit notes, and how you handle automated sales tax when pushing direct incomes and credit notes.

More ways to push data to QuickBooks Desktop

Codat’s QuickBooks Desktop integration has been further bolstered by additional support for pushing bills with a payment allocation and improved validation for pushing data in general. Integrating with desktop platforms can present unique challenges. We have been continually improving Codat’s desktop connector throughout the first few months of this year.

A fresh new look

Log in to Codat and a slick new interface will greet you. The home screen now includes a view of your available and enabled products. In addition, the navigation bar is now  arranged along the top of the screen. None of the features you rely on have changed, but they are now easier to find and use.