August 2022 – Product Updates

This August, we rolled out new features, enabled more use cases for more integrations, and made many quality-of-life improvements. As ever, you can refer to our public roadmap to view and vote on what’s next.

GET products and company info from BigCommerce

Codat added support for BigCommerce to Commerce API last month. We have continued to add to our twelfth commerce integration by mapping standard endpoints for products and company info data.

GET sales orders and transfers from Oracle NetSuite

We deepened our support for Oracle NetSuite with endpoints for accessing sales orders and transfers. Sales orders are an entirely new addition to Accounting API. They are used in business payment processes to provide detail between a purchase order and an invoice. Linking these two steps together is critical to giving users a seamless experience.

GET direct costs from and POST direct cost attachments to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Accounting API’s direct costs data model can be used to represent a range of transactions, including expense transactions such as spending via a corporate card. Sending an attachment to a direct cost to Microsoft Dynamics can be used to attach a receipt (in a range of file formats) to an expense transaction. With these feature releases, Accounting API can be used to integrate expense management with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

GET items, journals, and journal entries from Exact

We improved Accounting API’s integration with Exact, the leading business software provider in Benelux, by adding support for items, journals, and journal entries. Accounting software is fragmented by territory due to jurisdictional differences in accounting processes, taxes, and other business laws and regulations. This fragmentation can limit financial software providers’ ability to grow into new markets, as each new market requires a new set of integrations. Adding support for platforms like Exact improves our ability to help providers expand internationally using standardized integration infrastructure.

Streamlined token migration

We have made it easier to consolidate integrations on our infrastructure. Clients who run some but not all of their key financial data integrations on Codat can now use a new feature to streamline the process of centralizing all their integrations and customer data in one place. To ensure clients can migrate integrations without requiring their customers to reauthenticate, we have added support for securely transferring authentication tokens. 

If you are keen to know more about why and how to migrate integrations to Codat, speak to your Account Manager or Account Executive.