Codat expands its coverage to support Clover!

The new integration will bring our total number of supported commerce data sources to 6

Clover is a cloud-based platform that offers customizable point of sales (POS) software, hardware, credit card, and digital payment processing. 

Our integration maps merchant data from the Clover platform to Codat’s commerce data model and makes it available via a simple, developer-friendly API. This latest release will enable Codat clients to access a separate source of immutable data on the ongoing operations of their SMB customers. 

For an up-to-date list of the software Codat supports please see our docs


The Clover platform has approximately 1 million users. The vast majority of Clover’s merchants are US based, making this integration particularly useful to our clients looking to enhance their coverage of the North American market.

What data are we pulling?

You can use Codat’s API with Clover to securely connect to, retrieve, and view your customers’ commerce transactions, including:

Company info — details of a linked company, such as their address, phone number, and company registration.

Customers — details of customers who have placed orders with the company.

Orders — details of all orders received by a company, including payments, service charges, and refunds.

Payments — amounts reserved against the customer’s funding source.

Products — details of the products a company has available on the system, including the price and quantity of those products, and product variants (where available).

To gain a full understanding of exactly which data sets are available to pull, please visit our docs.

Who will stand to benefit?

Access to data from eCommerce, point of sale & payments providers enables Codat clients to meet a wide variety of use cases across lending, insurance, and business applications. 

This latest integration allows for the two-way flow of data between platforms, meaning accounting software providers will be able to offer auto reconciliation services to their merchant customers. This value added service can be used as an additional revenue stream or offered to merchants for free in order enhance satisfaction and ultimately customer retention. 

It can be used by lenders and insurers alike to refine risk analysis and underwriting procedures. Lenders, expense card providers, and commerce platforms can also use the integration to develop instant payout functionality. 

Banks and cash flow forecasting providers can use this real-time and immutable data source to build best-in-class and accurate financial planning analysis tools.

What’s next?

We’ll continue to expand our commerce coverage by adding additional integrations, including PayPal, Amazon Marketplace, and BigCommerce, to our Core product. Visit our Product Roadmap for more information about our future plans or to request additional data types for existing integrations.