February 2022 – Product Updates

In February, we shipped new features and made a range of smaller improvements and optimisations. As ever, you can refer to our public roadmap to view and vote on forthcoming features.

GET data from Mollie

Codat’s Commerce API now lets you connect to your customers’ Mollie accounts. Mollie is a European payment service provider that makes it easy for merchants to accept multiple payment methods. These merchants can now share their real-time payments and sales data with you just as seamlessly.

File Upload

Codat Link, a pre-built white-label interface that your customers can use to connect their accounts, now includes an option to upload a file. Customers who do not use accounting software can directly share their accounts and other files in PDF, Excel, or CSV format.

GET bill credit notes from Sage Intacct

Codat’s Sage Intacct integration now supports retrieving bill credit notes. This is useful in building AP automation products as well as in risk assessment, as bill credit notes are essential in understanding how much a customer truly owes their suppliers.

POST invoices to Oracle NetSuite

Codat now supports pushing an invoice to Oracle NetSuite. In combination with last month’s release of pushing payments, this can be used to build products and features that lighten the administrative burden of sending and receiving payments for small businesses, often by automating all or part of the accounts receivable reconciliation process

GET invoice as PDF from Microsoft Dynamics 365

Codat’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration now supports retrieving a PDF copy of an Invoice. This is useful in building AR automation products, as the PDF copy can increase users’ trust in the accuracy of invoices.

POST direct incomes, including attachments, to QuickBooks Online

Last month we added the ability to access direct incomes from QuickBooks Online. This data type can now be pushed back to the platform. Two-way direct incomes support also now includes attachments, such as sales receipts.