How we’re enhancing our developer experience: getting started just got easier

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You can now get immediate access to your API keys and start building with Codat for free.

At Codat, we remain passionate about keeping our focus simple. We are committed to building a developer-first software tool that enables our clients to easily provide powerful and robust integrations to their small business customers. 

We are working hard to constantly evolve our developer experience (DevEx) by building an intuitive and easy to use platform, producing best-in-class documentation and providing expert ongoing maintenance and support.

This month, we achieved a significant milestone: making it faster and easier than ever for users to gain immediate access to the Codat platform and start building for free!

Via our 30 day free trial, users are able to access dummy customer data from leading financial software. Users will also be able to enjoy our easy-to-follow guides and videos, enabling them to immediately start building bespoke financial solutions for their customers. 

Developers in particular, will benefit from instant access to API keys and minimal set-up requirements (meaning no need to interact with our API), leaving them free to try-out and explore the Codat platform using realistic sandbox data. 

What are the key features?

  1. Get immediate access to API keys 
  2. Test the Codat API with realistic sandbox data for developers 
  3. Explore and learn about Codat’s products without having to interact with the API 
  4. Try-out the platform for free before deciding to progress to a paid plan

Who will stand to benefit?

  • Developers looking for standardised integrations into the world’s leading financial software used by small businesses
  • Product managers looking to incorporate business financial software into their products without having to spend on significant resource 
  • Strategic leaders looking to understand the importance access to real-time data has the financial products they seek

What’s next?

We will continue to improve our overall onboarding experience for developers by adding relevant resources and functionality, enabling our users achieve their goals.

In Q2 2021, we plan to develop public API client libraries (SDKs) in Python, Java and C#. This will make it easier and faster for developers to build with Codat’s API. We are also going to be improving how we notify users of data changes to the accounting packages used by small businesses. 

At Codat, we like to be totally transparent in terms of the exciting product innovations we have planned. That’s why you can find out more about what we’re currently building and our future plans by visiting our public Product Roadmap. You can even have your say and vote for the features or functionality you’d like to see next!

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Lade Oshodi