January 2022 – Product Updates

Blog cover image for Jan 22 Prod Updates

In January we have made significant improvements to the Codat platform. Below are a few highlights. As ever, you can refer to our public roadmap to view and vote on forthcoming features.

POST payments to Oracle NetSuite

Codat’s Accounting API now supports pushing a Payment and reconciling against an invoice in Oracle NetSuite. Payments are the first data type that can be pushed to NetSuite via Codat. We are building two-way support for more data types in NetSuite to help our clients build even more powerful integrated AR automation products.

GET and POST transfers from and to QuickBooks Online

Two-way connectivity for Transfers, now available for QuickBooks Online, is useful in building accounting integrations that sync sales and payments data into accounting from payments platforms. Transfers are used in accounting to handle payouts from a platform, which often happen in bulk at a later date than the sale is made.

GET direct incomes from QuickBooks Online

Direct incomes, now available to pull from QuickBooks Online, can give a more detailed picture of a company’s incoming revenue, especially where a company has money coming in both from direct sales and invoices with deferred payment terms. This is useful when pulling data to try to understand a business’s activities in detail.

GET invoice as PDF from Sage Intacct

Codat’s Sage Intacct integration now supports retrieving a PDF copy of an Invoice. This is useful in building AR automation products, as the PDF copy can increase users’ trust in the accuracy of invoices.

GET location on orders from Shopify, Square, Clover

Recording a location for each order is necessary for building integrations that sync sales and payments into accounting, especially as the location of a sale made via a POS system affects its tax rate. 

Support for QuickBooks Desktop version 22 in the QBD connector

The latest version of QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) is now supported by Codat’s QBD connector, which enables this desktop platform to be standardised in the same way as cloud platforms.

Additional Open Banking connectivity

Codat offers Open Banking connectivity via our partners Plaid and TrueLayer. Clients can now retrieve a wider range of products from Plaid and TrueLayer using their Codat connection, in addition to bank accounts and bank transactions.