Product Innovate Series: Q1 2021

What to expect from Product Innovate: Q1 2021

Product Innovate is an opportunity for you to find out about our new and improved portal, latest integrations and new data types. You can hear about what we’re building next and vote for the new features you’d like us to prioritise by visiting our Product Roadmap.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this event was pre-recorded so you can to stream it at a time that suits you. 

Spotlight on Q1: Snapshot

Building the platform for business data: Hear about our ongoing plans to expand our integrations with a wider variety of data sources that provide you with richer context of your small business customers, including Stripe & Paypal, as well as our next planned accounting integrations, such as Intacct & Netsuite, which will help you better support your mid-market cloud focused customers.

Updating our linking journey: We discuss our plans to incorporate seamless linking of our accounting, commerce and bank data into one flow and how you can optimise the user experience.

Providing smart insights: We’ll demonstrate how cross-referencing data from multiple sources of data can give you greater insight into the data quality of your business customers.

Presented by Yas Karimi, Head of Product at Codat

Yas is Head of Product at Codat, responsible for the growth of the product function.

Yas has a strong background in payments, having previously led Starling Bank’s API-first banking service product functions, where she focused on the democratisation of payments for Fintechs. Prior to this, Yas worked as a Global Product Manager at Mastercard, working closely with Banks to develop their payment strategies. 

Recognising how integral SMEs are to the global economy, Yas is passionate about open finance and changing the way the world considers small business financial services. She believes Codat’s technology will revolutionise the way in which small businesses receive these financial services.