Assess businesses

Quickly and accurately assess small businesses with a direct, real-time connection to their data

Pull financial ratios, statements and the full set of underlying business data into your processes and internal tools.

Get everything in one place, regardless of whether it is sourced from accounting, eCommerce, POS or banking. Give customers an easy and secure way to share information.


Pre-qualify new business customers quickly at scale and reduce risk exposure

Transform underwriting with comprehensive, real-time business data

Monitor your customers with a live, ongoing data connection

“Pipe's trading platform turns recurring revenue streams into upfront capital for growth. Codat allows Pipe to integrate with multiple accounting platforms without needing separate integrations for each. Giving Pipe's customers a seamless and secure integration experience, something we value deeply” Zain Allarakhia Co-founder & CTO, Pipe
Leading coverage

We have built deep integrations to all the major financial software providers used by your customers

Focus on your product and let Codat handle the heavy lifting of building and maintaining multiple integrations

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