Automate AP and AR processes for SMBs

Deliver billing and invoicing integrations with every accounting platform with a single universal API.

Treat every platform in the same way when building B2B payments features that integrate with accounting software. Build and maintain a connection with one API with a standard data model, no rate limits, and simple authentication.

Build payables integrations for every leading accounting platform

Build receivables integrations for every leading accounting platform

“At Comma we have a simple mission; To remove the pain from payments. Working with Codat has allowed us to build a system which accountants and businesses love. Comma completely revolutionises the way business pay their staff and suppliers by connecting the data from their accounting platform directly to their existing business bank accounts ” Tom Beckenham Founder and CEO, Comma
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We have built deep integrations to all the major financial software providers used by your customers

Focus on your product and let Codat handle the heavy lifting of building and maintaining multiple integrations

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