Senior Technical Business Analyst

What we do at Codat

Codat is a fast-growing technology company headquartered in Clerkenwell, Central London.  Our product is a universal API for small business financial data.

We build developer-friendly infrastructure that gives businesses the ability to create their own next-generation products without sacrificing time to market.  We are well-funded with a large and growing number of enterprise and fintech clients.

We’ve most recently received a $10 million investment from Index Ventures, a leading global venture capital firm.  We were also awarded a £5m grant from the RBS Capability and Innovation Fund last year to help power our growth with a focus on expansion into the US.

What you will be doing

The role of a Codat Technical Business Analyst is to lead the analysis of projects that have been through product discovery. Our process takes the following steps before development:

  1. Product level discovery - your teammates will be product managers who are each specialised in a client segment (e.g. banks or lenders). They’re responsible for solving client problems. 
  2. Business analysis level - once your fellow teammates have done enough market research and garnered feedback on product features we want to build you will be responsible for leading the technical analysis of how this work should be carried out
  3. Onto Engineering level - the engineering team will look to you as their guiding light for how they should be implementing a specific product feature 

The Senior Technical Business Analyst will understand the customer segment that the product is being built for by working directly with the Codat Product function. They will sit with the Engineering and QA teams to help lead the implementation of new product features. It will be your mission to analyse the new project and understand at a detailed level, how the implementation interacts with our current product set. 

The key components of the role are as follows:

  1. You are the go to subject matter expert on the implementation detail of product requirements
  2. The Technical BA will be an ally to the Product, Engineering and QA function and help drive delivery of functionality by:
    • Understanding the customer requirements from the Product Manager
    • Carrying out up-front research on a new project  or product feature to identify requirements prior to build
    • Defining what ‘good’ looks like i.e. acceptance criteria for a piece of functionality to allow Engineers to write user stories 
    • Understanding permutations of disparate data sources designing solutions to fit within Codat’s product
    • Reviewing and providing feedback on user stories that have been written by engineering
    • Signing off on the technical aspects of the user experience and ensuring this aligns with the Product Manager’s vision 
  1. Clearly document the functionality of the new feature once it has been built so that it can be digested by the product team and by customers
  2. You can support Engineering with the permutations of the use case throughout the build process and help clarify what clients use cases are alongside the Product Manager

Our values

No matter what we’re doing - whether we’re speaking to customers, partners or to each other - we live by our values.

We believe in delivering useful technology that solves real problems for real businesses. We are passionate about doing the stuff that isn't always “cool” but makes a big difference.

We believe that the people in the best teams push and enable each other to excel. We’re united when we have each other’s backs, hold each other to account, and support each other in learning - when something goes wrong, we don’t blame, we work together to fix it. We embrace differences of opinion to end up with better outcomes. We don’t let our egos win.

We believe that an unstoppable drive towards clearly stated goals is the best way to build great things. We are biased towards action - we make informed decisions, we share our ideas, and then we act. There is no such thing as an impossible problem, just a great challenge to sink our teeth into.

What excites us

  • Technical expertise in Accounting software packages i.e. understanding how they work, what data is available from them, what an integration with an accounting package would look like
  • Detail-orientated approach to writing out requirements. You are able to carry out the investigatory work of a high level problem statement and understand what this might look like 
  • Leadership experience with agile teams and/or other business analysts as well as stakeholder management in all relevant areas such as product and technical writers
  • Clear and concise requirements gathering techniques