Codat enables Dodo to measure emissions in just a few minutes by connecting to their customers’ accounting software

About Dodo

Dodo's powerful analytics allow businesses to automatically calculate, track, and capture their carbon footprint in real-time.

Our approach

Limited data available

Accurately calculating emissions for companies is largely a data problem and in order to develop an advanced carbon calculator Dodo needed access to more data points

Slow manual process

SMEs account for over 50% of the UK’s carbon footprint, but it can take a huge amount of time and cost for these companies to become carbon neutral, especially using outdated and slow manual processes

Time consuming in-house build

It would have taken too much time and resource for Dodo to build and maintain their own integrations

Access to accurate data

Dodo understood that by partnering with Codat they could integrate with their customers’ accounting software, allowing them to provide a detailed assessment of their customers’ carbon footprint

Seamless customer experience

By integrating with Codat, Dodo were able to take the process of accurately calculating a company's carbon emissions from a matter of months, to just a few minutes

A single API

Rather than spend time and money trying to build individual integrations to the different accounting platforms their customers used, Codat allowed Dodo to connect via a single API, built, maintained and managed by Codat

“Codat offered an incredibly simple and secure way for our customers to connect with us. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with the team”

Jack Kennedy