Codat helps Finstro deliver its trade payment solutions by integrating with the financial platforms they use for AP and AR management

About Finstro

Finstro is a dynamic and innovative technology-focused provider of trade payment solutions to Australian and US businesses.

Our approach

Building the right UX

Finstro understood that in order to properly serve small businesses they would need to develop a streamlined online journey which made onboarding and decisioning as quick and easy as possible.

Out-of-date data

Accurately assessing the financial and operational health of a business is complicated enough, especially without up-to-date and relevant data. Accessing real-time AP and AR data digitally rather than manually helps to save time while also mitigating risk and error.

Coverage concerns

Finstro wanted to cater to its customers but also allow for growth into international markets. Working with Codat was a critical step to achieving coverage of all the major financial platforms used by small businesses globally.

Streamlined user experience

Codat helps Finstro offer a streamlined onboarding and decisioning process, creating a simple and functional trade payments user experience for Finstro customers.

Accurate, real-time data

Codat allows Finstro to access relevant live data that enables them to make faster, more accurate decisions and offer more customized options.

A future-proof solution

Codat provides Finstro with the financial integrations used by its customers and in the international markets it is expanding into. Working with Codat saved Finstro precious development time and significant expenditure.

“Following our success in Australia, we have now set our sights on international expansion. Codat's extensive global coverage makes them the perfect integration partner and ensures we are able to support even more small businesses as we grow, without having to worry about building and maintaining numerous integrations ourselves”

Brad Prout

Finstro case study