Codat enables FreeAgent to offer their customers automatic reconciliation of eCommerce sales into their bookkeeping and accounting solution

About FreeAgent

FreeAgent is a powerful accounting software provider committed to offering their customers everything they need to stay on top of their finances and concentrate on growing their business.

Our approach

Outdated digital experience

FreeAgent understood that customer expectations have evolved and users have come to expect a seamless digital experience across the different services they use to run their business.

Inaccurate and time consuming reconciliation

FreeAgent understood that time is invaluable to their small business customers. Manual reconciliation of accounts is not only slow - it’s also inefficient and prone to error, which ultimately limits the growth and success of their customers.

Maintaining brand presence and customer relationships

FreeAgent is dedicated to providing a quality experience to their customers. It was important for them to maintain their customer relationships and offer personal support under their own brand.

Seamless user experience

FreeAgent understood that by partnering with Codat they would be able to provide speedy and invaluable reconciliation for their eCommerce business customers, something that has come to be expected from accounting software providers.

Improve customer success

Codat provided FreeAgent customers with the ability to automatically synchronise their eCommerce data from Shopify. As a result, FreeAgent customers minimise data entry errors and save valuable time, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

Enhanced speed to market

Working with Codat was less expensive and time-consuming for FreeAgent than building this integration in-house. Codat allows FreeAgent to deliver this important and popular integration to customers faster whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

“FreeAgent has always focused on providing our customers with powerful features that are easy to use and make managing their business finances less time-consuming and stressful. Working with Codat has allowed us to continue this approach into the eCommerce space with an integration into Shopify, something our customers had asked for for years. ”

Kevin McCallum
Chief Commercial Officer