Codat helps Harbor onboard customers easily, allowing them to share access to their accounting, banking, and commerce platforms

About Harbor

Harbor is making trade finance more accessible, user-friendly, and efficient for businesses that trade both domestically and internationally. Harbor provides end-to-end solutions covering the entire cash conversion cycle.

Our approach

Distributed administrative processes

Buyer and supplier data can be difficult to consolidate accurately. Manual data collection means that you may not be getting an up to date picture of a company's financials and trading history which leaves room for credit risk and even fraud.

Accessing trade data

Harbor needed an integration partner with extensive market coverage and experience to complement and enhance their existing data aggregation and risk management processes.

Future proofing

Harbor were in need of an integration partner that could provide them with additional functionality and opportunities as they expand into new jurisdictions, industry verticals, and market segments. The use and popularity of accounting systems vary geographically and Harbor needed to make sure that they continued to serve their entire customer base during their expansion.

Improved onboarding and decisioning

With Codat’s Onboard & Decision applications, Harbor are able to streamline their administrative processes by digitally accessing their customers' real-time trade data without having to worry about errors. This transformation to their decisioning process allows them to underwrite and approve transactions within 24 hours.

Extensive coverage

With 30+ integrations and counting, Codat is able to cater to Harbor's ever expanding and international customer base.

A solution for growth

Harbor recognised the value in what Codat facilitates today but also considered the bigger picture. Codat’s public product roadmap is inline with Harbor's plans for future expansion and growth, opening up new target markets through additional use cases and an ever growing list of integrations.

“Utilising Codat’s data integration and aggregation tools helps to access user data in real-time, allowing for improved risk monitoring, faster approvals, and a seamless user experience on the HarborTrade platform”

Michael Gilhuley
Head of Portfolio Management