Codat help MarketFinance to deliver on their mission to make it quick and easy for businesses to get funding

About MarketFinance

MarketFinance is a fintech business lender established in 2011, and has provided over £2.6bn in lending to thousands of UK businesses. They utilise technology and a personalised service to enhance the lending experience (from origination to payments).

MarketFinance has enabled businesses to access credit lines to suit their needs and fulfil their growth ambitions at their pace.

Our approach

Out-of-date contributed data

MarketFinance needed up-to-date accounting data from their small business customers in order to properly assess exactly how much credit they could offer.

Risk Assessment

In order to gauge the health of an organisation, MarketFinance needed access to the full suite of data points from their customers’ accounting systems.


MarketFinance understood the importance of accounting integrations and required connectivity with as many accounting systems as possible.

Accurate, up-to-date data

Access to live data means that MarketFinance are able to make faster and more accurate lending decisions.

Ongoing monitoring

Live data allows MarketFinance to monitor the health of their small businesses on an ongoing basis, allowing them to spot any red flags early on.

A single API

Rather than spend time trying to build individual integrations to the different accounting platforms their customers used, Codat allowed them to connect via a single API, built, maintained and managed by Codat.

“We can access the data that we need in order to make a funding decision within days. It also means that our customers don’t have to spend time each month manually uploading accounts.”

Jonathan Allan