Codat helps Monit provide automated cash flow forecasting and timely insights for SMBs and the banks that serve them

About Monit

Monit is an innovative SMB cash flow analysis, forecasting & guidance platform designed to help banks realise higher value and longer lasting relationships with their SMB customers.

For the business owner, Monit provides projections & insights that light up the road ahead and help them move forward with intelligence and confidence.

For the bank, Monit provides a near real-time window into the health of the small business portfolio and the mind of the SMB owner, allowing the banker to serve and sell more efficiently & successfully.

Our approach

Offering had to be automated

To ensure their product was market-leading and useful, Monit needed to provide near real-time forecasting by fetching journal entries direct from their customers’ general ledger

Data had to be standardised

In order to properly analyse their businesses’ data with their AI, the data needed to be in the same format regardless of the accounting software that it originated from

Coverage had to be global

Monit understood that they would require connectivity with as many accounting packages as possible in order to better serve their small business and bank customers

An ongoing connection

Via Codat’s API, Monit’s customers are able to make an enduring and secure connection to their accounting package of choice in a matter of minutes

Bespoke synchronisation

Monit were able to set a synchronisation frequency with their customers’ accounting platform which enables them to provide real-time insights

Built by experts

All accounting integrations are built, maintained and managed by Codat’s team of experts who offer ongoing support

“Codat provided a key platform building block for our business and they’ve been diligent collaborators throughout. Their strong technology and committed team have repeatedly validated our decision to partner with them”

Steve Dow