Codat’s universal API helps Pipe accurately and seamlessly onboard, rate, and monitor their customers

About Pipe

Pipe, coined the “NASDAQ for revenue”, is a trading platform that enables entrepreneurs to grow their businesses on their terms. By treating recurring revenue streams as an asset, Pipe allows companies to transform their recurring revenue into upfront capital, instantly. For entrepreneurs, that means more cash flow for scaling their business without debt or dilution. Earlier this year Pipe raised $250M at a $2B valuation from strategic investors like Shopify, HubSpot, Slack, Okta, and more

Our approach

Risk management

Pipe needed to be able to assess a business’s financial health in order to allow investors to make more informed decisions on their platform. Pipe understood that in today's digital world businesses have come to expect a fully automated digital experience and that manually sharing financial information is antiquated and prone to error.

Security and trust

Pipe required a data solution that would not interfere with their digital journey and was in-line with their brand’s privacy policies. Using unknown or unrecognisable third parties would appear unsafe to prospective business customers and could deter them from trusting Pipe with access to their financial data.

Buy vs build

Pipe understood that building, monitoring, and managing a full set of integrations with all the financial software platforms their customers use would be costly and take up valuable and constrained engineering resources.

Speedy and reliable onboarding

By utilising real-time data from different accounting sources, Codat allows Pipe to build a full picture of their customers’ financial health securely, anonymizing their customers’ data, capturing risk profiles for investors, and ultimately allowing a new business customer to begin trading on their platform.

A trustworthy digital experience

Using Codat, Pipe’s developers were able to create a consistent, streamlined user journey that is in keeping with their platform and what users have come to expect and trust.

A single API

Financial software platforms change their API framework or database structures frequently. Codat is focused on reviewing and managing these changes and monitors each integration package for updates. Codat provided Pipe with a single, fully maintained and managed API, allowing Pipe to focus on providing their business customers with all the functionality they required in a timely and cost effective manner.

“Pipe's trading platform turns recurring revenue streams into upfront capital for growth. Codat allows Pipe to integrate with multiple accounting platforms without needing separate integrations for each. This gives Pipe's customers a seamless and secure integration experience, something we value deeply”

Zain Allarakhia
Co-Founder & CTO