Codat help Swoop to provide their customers with a faster and fairer way to access finance

About Swoop

Swoop is a business funding and savings platform enabling businesses to discover the right funding solutions across loans, equity and grants, and to identify and easily make savings.

Our approach


Swoop understood the importance of accounting integrations and required connectivity with as many accounting systems as possible.

Out of date contributed data

Swoop needed up-to-date accounting data in order to find the right line of credit for their small business customers.

Manual collection of data

Swoop were spending a long time on manual processes then speed is key for small businesses looking for funding.

A single API

Rather than spend time trying to build individual integrations to the different accounting platforms their customers used, Codat allows Swoop to connect via a single API, built, maintained and managed by Codat.

Better relationship with customers

By directly accessing the small businesses accounting data, Swoop gets a better insight into the financial health of each business and can tailor their offering accordingly.

Make accessing credit quicker and simpler for everybody

Codat’s API allows small businesses to share their accounting data at the click of a button.

“Codat has built an awesome product that has clearly come from people working in the finance industry. They give you the data as it is to allow you to build tools that work for your customers. The API is great to work with and the Codat team is a pleasure to deal with.”

Ciaran Burke
Co-founder & COO