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About Tide

Tide is a new, digital-only banking service for small businesses and freelancers, which now accounts for over 10% of all business bank accounts opened in the UK, despite being just three years old.

Our Approach

Wanted all businesses account needs in one place

Tide wanted all the business account needs in one application and understood that this would not be possible without and quick and easy integration with accounting software.

Need for wide coverage

Tide needed to ensure connectivity with many different accounting platforms in order to attract and retain small business customers.

Time consuming in-house build

Tide understood the importance of accounting integrations in order to solve this problem - however, they understood that building and maintaining integrations would take years - time they did not have.

Seamless customer experience

Codat helped Tide deliver a faster, more convenient experience for their customers by tightly integrating their product with their accounting software - a fully white labelled solution.

Better coverage

Codat provides an integration with almost every accounting platform customers use to run their businesses. That means Tide could achieve greater market coverage all via one API.

A single API

Rather than spend time trying to build individual integrations to the different accounting platforms their customer’s used - Codat allowed them to connect via a single API, built, maintained and managed by Codat.

“A wide variety of accounting integrations is a simple requirement for Tide… Codat helped us achieve that several years faster than we otherwise would have.”

Ali Travis
Vice President