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About TradeLock

TradeLock offers invoice insurance for small businesses.

TradeLock is committed to helping companies remain profitable by giving them the tools, data, and insight needed to safeguard their income and cashflow. They allow their customers to review their clients’ level of risk and then insure against the event of non-payment.

Our Approach

Manual data sharing

TradeLock understood that in order to quickly and accurately provide invoice insurance they would need to remove manual processes when it comes to sharing accounting data.


TradeLock understood that they would require connectivity with as many accounting packages as possible in order to better serve their small business customers.

Time consuming in-house build

TradeLock recognised the importance of accounting integrations, however, they knew that building and maintaining many integrations was a costly and lengthy ongoing process.

Accurate up-to-date data

Access to live data means that TradeLock are able to make faster and more accurate cover decisions as well as deliver a faster, more convenient digital experience for their customers.

Built by experts

All accounting integrations are built, maintained and managed by Codat’s team of experts who offer ongoing support.

One API, one data format

Codat allowed TradeLock to connect to the different accounting packages that their customers used all via a single API that normalizes accounting data into a single data format.

“Codat’s solution makes a lot of sense for us as it means we can offer credit insurance to a greater number of small businesses more quickly.”

Matthew Falco
Digital Product Owner