Commerce API

Access commerce data from every small business

Standardize how you connect to your customers' payment, PoS, and eCommerce systems. Retrieve orders, payouts, payments, and product data in the same way for all the leading commerce platforms.

Powering the best fintech solutions and providers

Standardized integrations

Connect to the commerce platforms your small business customers use with a single, simple integration.

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Simplify your integrations

Access all major commerce integrations through the single API, removing complexity when building multiple integrations.

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Rich data coverage

Review sales performance based on product and geographic mix, retention rates, new customer growth, and more.

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Scalable infrastructure

Pull up-to-date data from eCommerce, subscription, PoS, or payments platforms, always standardized to one data model.

A fast and easy way to share data

Access the commerce data you need with one API key, and deliver better experiences for your small business customers.

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Consistent, real-time data

Access rich, up-to-date commerce data in a single format. See your customers' sales, orders, and payments data from different platforms so you can uncover their performance.


Enable your customers to share their data via one link

Use our conversion-optimized, white-labeled Link UI, or build the experience into your app. Single link data sharing gets your customers onboarded faster and with you for longer.

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Deliver better experiences for your merchant customers

Use our resources to better understand the opportunities commerce data presents for your business.

Data-driven underwriting

Ampla deploys cash in under 48 hours "without putting our bottom line at risk".

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The data opportunity

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