Chaser provides the tools to effectively automate chasing customers to pay their invoices without losing the human touch.

The Problem

As a market-leading innovator, Chaser was looking to expand its leading cloud credit control software by offering access through new accounting software channels. Chaser’s product relies on access to live accounting data, and it wanted to expand its available market. It was faced with the prospect of building each integration with each new accounting platform. These integrations would bring added complexity and significant delays to their development roadmap, making it harder to provide the low-friction experience that both the Chaser team and their clients expected.

The Solution

Codat’s API enables Chaser to access many more potential customers by widening their addressable market with many more accounting software platforms. By integrating just once with Codat, Chaser radically reduced their development time in building out these additional routes to market.

How Codat works for Chaser

  1. Chaser’s clients authorise Chaser to access their accounting data
  2. Codat then pulls the data from the accounting software
  3. Codat standardises the data to a Codat standard, irrespective of the underlying accounting software
  4. Chaser pull the data from Codat into their product
Quite simply, Codat offered a great solution for our business needs. Where we were faced with complexity, which would have slowed development, Codat has brought us simplicity, clarity, speed to market and great service – their team clearly knows the technology inside out and they are quick to respond with really excellent support.
David Tuck, CEO
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