Your accounting tools report. Fluidly understands

The Problem

Fluidly wants to revolutionise the relationship between SMEs and their money, providing a singular view of the money flowing in and out of a business. The proliferation of cloud accounts packages means that the data needed to do this has never been more readily available, accessing it however, is an altogether different issue given the number of providers within the market. Building out a number of different integrations would be both time consuming and force Fluidly to divert engineering resources away from building out is core product offering.

The Solution

Working with Codat has provided Fluidly with a single point through which to integrate with and access the data contained with their clients' cloud accounts packages, allowing them to service a far broader array of clients in the process. Confident in the knowledge that this critical piece of work was in Codat's capable hands allowed the team internally to focus their attentions on building and refining Fluidly's intelligent cashflow engine.

How Codat works for Fluidly

  1. Fluidly’s clients allow Fluidly to access their accounting data
  2. Codat then pulls the data from the accounting software
  3. Codat standardises the data to a Codat standard, irrespective of the underlying accounting software
  4. Fluidly pull the data from Codat directly into their product, to power their reports
Codat's wealth of experience in the space is really reflected in their product offering. Clearly having put themselves in their customers' shoes, their API is both well-documented and simple to use.
Johnnie Ball, Chief Data Scientist
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