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Codat help MarketFinance power the small business economy

Codat help MarketFinance to deliver on their mission to make it quick and easy for businesses to get funding – so they can focus on growing, instead of having to worry about cash flow.

A cash flow need is indicative of a margin of risk in the business. In order to gauge the health of an organisation, MarketFinance needed access to the full suite of data points from their customers’ accounting systems. Not only did they require connectivity with as many accounting systems as possible, but they also needed to ensure that they were calling as many data sets as possible from each.

How Codat helped

By partnering with Codat, MarketFinance are able to access up-to-date and standardised accounting data, allowing them to better understand their customers and the financial health of their organisations. This helps them to make fast, fair and accurate lending decisions.

We can access the data that we need in order to make a funding decision within days. It also means that our customers don’t have to spend time each month manually uploading accounts.
Jonathan Allan, Chief Marketing Officer
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