Tide is a new, digital-only banking service for small businesses and freelancers, which now accounts for over 10% of all business bank accounts opened in the UK, despite being just three years old.

The Problem

Tide’s users were looking for feeds of their banking transactions into a wide variety of accounting software packages. However Tide, growing very quickly, had a large and expanding list of functionality to deliver, with an ever-increasing user base.

The Solution

Through Codat, Tide is able to provide its users with bank feeds into many more accounting packages, while Codat simply pulls from the Tide API. Codat takes all the heavy lifting out of building, maintaining and managing these integrations, and has contributed significantly to a much higher conversion rate, as potential Tide users now know that they will be able to access their bank transactions in their accounting software.

A wide variety of accounting integrations is a simple requirement for a modern business banking service like Tide. Codat has helped us achieve that requirement several years more quickly than we otherwise would have.

Ali Travis, VP Business Services, Tide
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