Build business dashboards with detailed accounts, metrics and real-time sales data via a universal API

Focus on building a great product, not processing data. Dashboard lets you surface performance metrics and accounting, sales and open banking data for every customer, regardless of the systems they use.


Build faster

Build to a universal API with a single, standard data model across every integration.

Get to 100% coverage

Deliver multiple integrations at once to expand your addressable market.

Increase usage

Bring data together to put your dashboard at the centre of your customers’ decision-making.

Grow revenue

Use your dashboard’s insights to promote additional products.

The problem

Business dashboards need to surface rich data in real-time but this data is fragmented across different platforms.

The solution

Use a single API to surface your customers’ accounting, commerce and banking data in a standard format.


A universal API for all the leading business data platforms


All the data points you need for digital onboarding confidently, quickly and at scale

Accounting data

A single data model for accounting whatever platform your customer connects.

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Commerce data

Sales data from eCommerce and POS, real-time and historic, in the same format every time.

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Banking data

Connect all your customers bank accounts via Codat’s integrated open banking partner, TrueLayer.

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Get calculated EBITDA, Gross Profit Margin and more directly from the Codat Dashboard API.

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Cash flow forecasting

Expand your market by integrating with every accounting platform

Provide more useful forecasts with more detailed data mapped to a standard chart of accounts

Use real-time sales data rather than wait for transactions to show up in accounting

Business financial management

Centralise data to centralise your customers' decision-making

Provide insights that initiate new product opportunities

Analyse and increase share-of-wallet

Sustainability tracking

Accurately estimate carbon emissions with real-time, detailed data

Go-to-market faster with a universal API

Provide a fast and seamless customer experience