Transform underwriting with comprehensive, real-time business data

Decision provides the data connectivity behind market-leading financial services provided to SMBs


Rapid approvals

Build the fastest decisioning process possible with the right data in the right format in real-time.

Meet expectations

Customers no longer tolerate being asked repeatedly to prepare and provide their information manually.

Win market share

Approve more loans with a comprehensive understanding of every customer.

Reduce risk

Make the right offers to the right customers. Anticipate problems hiding deeper in the data.

The problem

Underwriting decisions take too long and incur too much risk when they rely on out-of-date, superficial data.

The solution

Get comprehensive, high-quality data sourced in real time from your customers’ accounting platform, eCommerce and POS systems, and via open banking.


A universal API for all the leading business data platforms


All the data points you need for digital onboarding confidently, quickly and at scale


Connect to financial statements and transaction-level information across accounts receivable and payable.

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View multiple years of sales information including transactions, products, and customers from eCommerce and POS.

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Open banking

Connect to every bank account from every customer for the most reliable source of raw data.

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Single chart of accounts

Access every customers’ accounting records mapped to a single chart of accounts. Reduce manual processing, such as spreading.

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Cross-referenced data

Ensure the reliability of accounts with automatic cross-referencing of accounting and banking records.

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Metrics and ratios

Directly access standard metrics and ratios on profitability, liquidity, efficiency, and solvency.

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