Expense management

Intelligent integrations that work

Codat’s universal API allows you to future proof your software. Automate your customers accounting with seamless expense reconciliation whilst leveraging real-time data to underwrite faster and win more customers.

Clients using this

The problem

Your customers expect reconciliation that works and access to the right credit limits for them on day one. Building in-house integrations is costly and distracts your engineers from focusing on your product.

The solution

Codat makes it easier for your customers to automate their accounting, pay bills and for you to accurately understand their risk profile with our bi-directional API. Codat provides deep coverage across over 30 integrations to enable your engineers to focus on your product.

How expense management companies are using Codat

Sync expenses

Allow your customers to integrate their expense data with their accounting software

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Enable automated reconciliation of your customers’ AP processes

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Set initial credit limits that outstrip the competition while also reducing risk

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Watch for changes in customer risk profile and identify upsell opportunities

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