Financial services

Putting you at the centre of SME financial services

Deliver a better experience for your small business customers by leveraging real-time connectivity to build integrated products and services

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The problem

Small business data is complex, siloed and difficult to access making it challenging to provide financial services for your small business customers at scale

The solution

We integrate with over 30 leading small business software providers across accounting, banking and commerce enabling you to build connected products and services.

How financial service providers are using Codat


Approve more business customers with a seamless digital experience

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Access real-time, granular and intelligent data to enhance your underwriting

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Track customers with a live, ongoing data connection

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Develop powerful dashboards, forecasts and scores using real-time SMB data

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Sync for expenses

Allow your customers to integrate their transactional data with their accounting software

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Integrate your bill pay product with every accounting platform

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Help your customers get paid quicker by leveraging our deep integrations

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