Data Sources Include

The Codat Process

  1. 1. Authorisation

    Codat handles the technical complexities of the initial and on-going connection to end-users accounting software; either via protocols such as OAuth or direct connection in the case of on-premise software.

  2. 2. Standardisation

    Codat maps data to a standard format independent of the underlying accounting software used by your small business customers.

  3. 3. Connectivity

    Codat facilitates the information flow that allows you to deliver better products and experiences for your customers.

  4. 4. Synchronisation

    An on-going data feed is enabled via hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or at a custom frequency of your choosing. Codat allows you to request selective datapoints to suit your product.

  5. 5. Monitoring

    Automated connection monitoring with customisable triggers and alerts as well as on-going support from the Codat team.

1. Authorisation
2. Standardisation
3. Connectivity
4. Synchronisation
5. Monitoring

Using Codat

Faster and less expensive than building in house

  • Speed to market
  • Rigorous standardisation of data
  • Good customer authorisation flow
  • Increased coverage
  • Industry experts


Building it yourself

Without Codat you’ll run into all sorts of problems stopping you from running your business…

  • Consuming development time and spend
  • Maintenance of each connection
  • Ongoing standardisation of data
  • Ongoing and time consuming authorisation process