Insights:Data Integrity

Compare banking data with accounting data to easily identify similarities and discrepancies

Increase market share

Use verifiable data to approve more applications without increasing portfolio risk

Reduce costs

Eliminate the need to manually collect and analyse data, saving time and freeing up teams for higher value work

Minimize fraud

Automatic and instant cross-referencing of the entire ledger increases the chances of identifying fraudulent accounts

A leap forward in SMB credit assessment

Use direct-from-source bank transaction data to verify the quality of the contextual information stored in a company's accounting platform

The future of lending

With greater confidence in the accuracy of bookkeeping, you can enhance customer experience while actively strengthening underwriting, monitoring, and anti-fraud processes


How does it work?

  1. Embed a white-labelled link to allow your customers to connect multiple data sources via a single user journey
  2. We automatically match records from each data source
  3. We flag any unmatched transactions for you can decide on the most suitable course of action

What data can I compare?

Our data integrity engine automatically compares accounting records with banking data to give recommendations for real-time reconciliation. We flag any unmatched transactions so you can decide on the best next steps

Is the data secure?

Your customers’ data is held to the highest level of bank grade data security protocols and is encrypted end-to-end. Codat has passed all requisite penetration tests and is ISO27001 and GDPR compliant

How do I get started?

Contact sales to find out more about how data integrity could help your business or start your 30 day free trial today