Mollie API Integration

Use Codat’s Mollie API integration to connect to, retrieve, and view your customers’ commerce data including Customers, Disputes, and Payments. Mollie is a payments aggregator, allowing businesses to tailor and switch payment methods via one API. Merchants use Mollie to manage payment options with one API.

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What is Mollie?

Mollie is a Payment Aggregator, a third party that helps merchants accept payments using a single Merchant ID to process payments for all of them. So, instead of managing several payment options separately, Mollie customers can manage payment options with one API.

What data types are avaliable

Codat clients will be able to pull a wide range of commerce data including company and customer information, chargebacks, orders, payments, and transaction data.

What do I need in order to integrate with Mollie?

Before you can start to pull commerce data from companies using Mollie, you will need to set up the integration.

Firstly, you will need to create a Mollie account in the Mollie dashboard and retrieve your secure credentials (API key and secret). Secondly, you will input the credentials in the Codat Portal and enable your Mollie integration. Finally, you will need to check your sync settings. For more details on setup instructions, please refer to our docs.

Why use Codat's Mollie integration?

Codat’s new Mollie integration enables you to pull a range of commerce data that can be used to gain a holistic understanding of your small business customers or build powerful process automations. Use cases including lending, business dashboarding, and automated accounting reconciliation. With Mollie’s broad coverage of over 18 payments methods and with huge growth across Europe, Mollie is an integration which merchants are using more and more.

What countries does Mollie support?

Mollie is active throughout Europe (for a full list of supported countries see here.) Mollie uses a base currency of euro and payouts (settlements) are always made in euros. GBP is not supported as a base currency unless you enrol in the UK Closed Beta. For more information, see the Mollie Knowledge base.

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