Pre-qualify new business customers quickly at scale and reduce risk exposure

Assess SMBs with financial statements and sales data shared in real-time from your customers' accounting platform, eCommerce and POS systems, and via open banking


Cut time-to-onboard

Remove time-consuming manual data tasks from the onboarding process

Scale faster

Set up a smooth, rapid onboarding process that can scale with ease

Win market share

Never miss a good customer for lack of data or lose one by being too slow

Reduce risk exposure

Spot more red flags hiding within detailed accounting and sales data

The problem

Poor data connectivity creates a trade-off between risk exposure and time-to-onboard.

The solution

Customers share data in minutes. You receive all the onboarding data points you need in the same format every time.


A universal API for all the leading business data platforms


All the data points you need for digital onboarding confidently, quickly and at scale

Financial Statements

Balance Sheet, P&L, and Cash Flow Statement pulled directly from accounting.

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Sales Data

Real-time and historic transaction-level data with Disputes and Chargebacks as well as detailed Products and Customers.

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Open Banking

Check the accuracy of bookkeeping by cross-referencing with open banking from TrueLayer.

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Metrics and Ratios

High-level summary metrics like EBITDA and gross profit margin calculated from real-time accounting data.

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Help SMBs access additional cash

Automate revolving credit limits loans

Automate risk decisions for low-value (<$50k)

Provide R&D tax credits cash ahead of tax day

Help SMBs safeguard and maintain healthy cash flow

Provide invoice insurance

Insure credit risk

Guarantee deposits in commercial leasing

Minimise the risk of enabling commerce and payments

Pre-qualify merchants during onboarding

Assess merchant risk in merchant acquiring

Assess payment risk for payments made on your platform