Build payables integrations for every leading accounting platform with a universal API

Build to a universal API with a single data model. Deliver integrations to all the leading accounting platforms. Get back to building a great product.


Build faster

Use a single, developer-friendly API that high-performing product teams trust for accounts payable.

Go live at scale

Deliver multiple integrations at once. No rate limits. No token refresh requirements.

Win more customers

Manual reconciliation is no longer acceptable to SMBs. Integrations are table stakes.

Reduce churn

Customers who integrate their accounting software are usually at least twice as sticky.

The problem

Each accounting platform treats payables differently.

Building every accounting integration your customers need is complicated, costly and clogs up your roadmap.

The solution

Codat standardises payables across all the leading accounting platforms.

Build to one API and deliver multiple integrations. Automate the accounts payable process for every customer.


A universal API for all the leading accounting platforms


A single data model for accounts payable


A bill is an itemized record of goods purchased from or services provided by a supplier.

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A supplier is a person or organisation that provides a product or service for which a bill is incurred.

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Bill payments

Bill payments include all accounts payable transaction data.

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Purchase orders

Purchase orders represent expected payables and can be used to track a purchase through procurement.

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Bill credit notes

Bill credit notes record credit issued by suppliers and can be refunded or used to pay future bills.

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