Codat for Payments

Use our technology to provide a best-in-class merchant experience

Codat technology, ready off the shelf as a white-labelled product, or using our plug-in API, puts the customer first. You’ll be able to enable your customer to automatically export payments data to their accounting system for automatic reconciliation. This will help to deepen your ties with your customers and increase lifetime value.

How we help you

1. We have a single aggregated and standardised API that integrates seamlessly into your SME customers’ accounting software and/or bank account.

2. We help save your development team time on developing many one-to-one integrations with merchants accounting platforms and enable a simple integration to a standardised API where Codat handles the heavy lifting of the many third-party integrations.

3. Be a leader in innovation, offering your customers the best financial technology available, all with your name attached.

How we help your customers

1. Simple application processes pre-filled with company data from the accounting platforms.

2.Customers can see data from their payments platform in their accounting platform, creating seamless end-to-end user journeys. Eliminate manual data entry and CSV uploads.

3. Your customers can automatically get upgraded to premium services or merchant cash advance programs based on the information made available through Codat.

Payments Case studies

iZettle is a financial technology company for small businesses. iZettle offers a range of financial products for small businesses including payments, mobile point of sale, funding and partner applications.

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