Codat for payments

Deliver automated reconciliation to your business customers

Build connected products for your merchants with consented access to their accounting, banking, and commerce data.

The problem

A lack of connectivity hurts providers and small businesses alike. Merchants now expect integrated solutions that work at scale and without real-time data providers miss critical risk indicators.

The solution

Codat’s bi-directional universal API enables you to reconcile your merchants' data into their accounting software as well as enabling you to access the data you need to understand their business.

How payments providers increase volume and revenue with Codat

Merchant Risk

Payments providers use Assess to understand risk when onboarding merchants and underwriting payments.

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Point-of-sale Accounting Automation

Point-of-sale systems use Sync for Commerce to give merchants smart, out-of-the-box accounting automation.

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eCommerce Accounting Automation

Ecommerce platforms use Sync for Commerce to give merchants accounting automation as a native feature.

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