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Codat wins £5M in RBS competition funding to build data integrations for SME financial services
14 June 2019
The London-based fintech provider Codat has been awarded £5M as part of Pool D of the £425M Capability and Innovation Fund (CIF) that forms part of the total £775M package, administered by Banking Competition Remedies Ltd (BCR)...
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Why don’t banks care about SMEs?
9 July 2019
For a service sector dealing almost solely with numbers and structured data, the world of small business lending could not be better suited to disruption by digital machines...
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Open Banking has failed small businesses (but Open Accounting might not)
8 July 2019
A ‘revolution’ in financial services: that was how the dawn of Open Banking was described at the start of last year. Its advent, coming as the result of major Europe-wide regulatory change, was put up in lights and widely seen as heralding a transformation in the way consumers and small businesses interact with their finances...
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#FinOnAir Ep. 24 - The Pool D Remedies Fund
19 June 2019
Ross Gallagher is joined by Emily Nicolle to talk about the recent Remedies Fund Pool D announcement and take a look at the winners.
Five fintech firms scoop combined £25m from RBS competition fund
14 June 2019
Five fintech firms have been awarded a combined £25m from an RBS competition fund designed to boost business banking competition. Codat, Fluidly, Form3, Funding Options and Swoop Finance were all given £5m in Pool D of the £775m fund, where the focus shifted to the commercialisation of fintech...
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Fintech startups win a share of £25 million from RBS bail out fund
14 June 2019
Five fintech startups - Codat, Fluidly, Form3 Funding Options and Swoop Finance - are the latest beneficiaries of the RBS bail out fund, each picking up £5 million in awards to boost competition in the market for SME banking...
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Meet the five fintechs bagging £25m from Banking Competition Remedies Pool D
14 June 2019
The Banking Competition Remedies Pool D (BCR) giveaway sees five fintechs each pocket £5m. In total 60 fintechs applied to BCR for a share of the Pool D fund. The application window ran between 1 November 2018 and 30 April 2019. Banking Competition Remedies Pool D is designed to facilitate the commercialisation of financial technology that is relevant to SMEs...
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