A simple yet powerful API

Data Mapping

Receive data in the same format independent from the software your customers use thanks to our standardisation layer.


Security is our primary concern. For starters we use Microsoft Azure and are ISO 27001 certified.

Push and Pull

We support getting and updating data to allow you to create tight integrations with your product, for your customers.

Two-way data flows

Standardised data format across accountancy software and financial APIs

Codat is an API that handles the heavy lifting of integrating with financial software providers, leaving your business free to focus on how integrations can improve your product for your customers.

The data that flows through our API is in a standard format, independent from the underlying accountancy software your customer is using.

Online Portal

Get started with integrations without writing a line of code using our online portal

Built for Engineers

Simple API takes the heavy lifting out of integrations

Our business is technology led. Our API isn't an afterthought, it is the centre of our business. Our engineers have designed our system to make it as easy as possible to get started, use and support.

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