Seamlessly connect to your customers' software

Go live with battle tested integrations across the financial software your customers use. We provide coverage of banking, accounting to eCommerce and PoS software.

Clients using this

The problem

Small business data is complex, siloed and difficult to access, Building out direct integrations into their software eats up your valuable engineering resources and distracts you from building out your product.

The solution

We manage all of the heavy lifting of building and maintaining integrations. This allows you to focus on building your core product and providing your customers with richer, more granular, and up-to-date data on their most important ingoings and outgoings.

How SaaS companies are using Codat


Develop powerful dashboards, forecasts and scores using real-time SMB data

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Use Codat’s deep bi-directional integrations to fully automate reconciliation

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Automatically reconcile customer payments with outstanding invoices

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Verify and make real time assessments on your SMB customers

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