Codat for SaaS

Seamlessly connect your software to your customers' financial data

Build more powerful products, ship new features faster, and become indispensable to your small business customers with consented access to their accounting, banking, and commerce data.

The problem

Small business data is complex, siloed and difficult to access, Building out direct integrations into their software eats up your valuable engineering resources and distracts you from building out your product.

The solution

We manage all of the heavy lifting of building and maintaining integrations. This allows you to focus on building your core product and providing your customers with richer, more granular, and up-to-date data on their most important ingoings and outgoings.

How SaaS companies are using Codat

Financial Forecasting

SaaS companies are using the Accounting API, Banking API, and Commerce API, to use real time business data so they can build dashboards and forecasts and help SMBs track their performance real-time.

Payroll and HR

SaaS companies use the Accounting API to automate bookkeeping so their small business customers can easily pay their employees.

Carbon Accounting

Climate tech companies use the Accounting API and Commerce API to pull their SMB customers' real-time data to measure sustainability and ESG-related performance.

Vertical Saas

Companies building SaaS products for specific verticals use the Accounting API, Banking API, and Commerce API to become their customers' central business operating system.