Types of business apps that could benefit from accounting integrations

Business Planning Apps

Cashflow Forecasting

Tax Preparation & Compliance

Revenue Recognition

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Payables Apps

Expense Management



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Receivables Apps


Debt Collection

Billing Management

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Types of Business Planning Apps using Codat

With Codat’s API, help plan your business customer’s financial direction and automate their annual budgeting process.

Sync your customer’s general ledger and financial reports to create a 360 view of their historic performance. Filter out all due payables and receivables, giving a clear view of the SME’s cash movement to help plan for the future.

Almost half of companies still manage revenue recognition on spreadsheets.

This is because subscription business models such as those seen in the SaaS world are notoriously difficult to model and forecast given the variation of customer contract lengths and values. If done poorly, this can lead to incorrect company valuations.

Codat can help your customers by enabling them to recognising revenue by creating journal entries each month as your customer’s client contracts are fulfiled.

Codat provides the data your customers need to plan for their tax liability, so they can spend time on what matters to them.

Identify key tax accounts for sales and tax returns to help your customers answer key business questions such as ‘Will I have enough cash to pay my tax liability at the end of this quarter?

Types of Payables Apps using Codat

Codat can help you to better support your customers with their expenses process by providing an integration between their expense management tool and their accounting software.

This will allow your customers to configure and categorise their expenses against the correct accounts, tax rates, departments and locations, before synchronising with their accounting software. This saves valuable time, removing unnecessary human errors and the burden of repetitive manual entry.

Codat provides an integration between payment processors and their customers accounting software - all via a single API.

This allows you to support your customers with their purchasing and payments process by giving them visibility of suppliers invoices, safeguarding against fraud and duplicate payments and saving them significant time by removing manual reconciliation.

Codat enables your customers to automatically reconcile purchases using purchase orders, bills and payments to stitch together the buying process in their accounting software.

Doing so straight from checkout eliminates manual processes and significantly reduces administrative overhead costs.

Codat can help you better support your customers by allowing them to choose how to categorise payroll expense accounts.

Businesses can then synchronise their payroll schedule with their accounting software, for example by posting journal entries to the general ledger.

Types of Receivables Apps using Codat

Halving customer payment times can double an SME’s growth potential. Whereas 58% of SMEs think late payments are putting their business at risk of failure.

Codat enables your customers to shorten the ‘cash conversion cycle’, combating late payments associated with trade credit, through incentives such as discounting and reduced manual entry.

Automatically create bills and bill credit notes, giving the end customer complete visibility of accounts payable, discounts and payment terms.Add payment links directly to bills for faster payments. Reconcile cash receipts by creating bill payments in the end customer’s accounting platform.

Codat gives your customers instant visibility of all outstanding invoices so your customers can keep track of their receivables pipeline

Ensure outstanding invoices are tracked, accurate and up-to-date. Reduce the burden of manual entry for your customer’s, automating the creation and updating of their sales invoices and credit notes.

Case Studies

“With Ordo, there’s a new business normal that sees the business winning, with improved cash flow and lower costs. The world is full of instant on-the-go solutions with real-time notifications and updates with multiple platforms, it’s time payments caught up with this, and by partnering with Codat and linking businesses with QuickBooks, Sage and Xero, we can make even more business lives easier.”

“Codat's wealth of experience in the space is really reflected in their product offering. Clearly having put themselves in their customers' shoes, their API is both well-documented and simple to use.”

Our Approach

Outdated manual processes

Ordo recognised that sending and receiving payments was a lot more complicated than it needed to be, resulting in business owners struggling with time consuming reconciliations, and spending nearly 10 hours every week on payments administration.

Exposure to invoice fraud

In 2019 alone, £114.1m was lost to invoice fraud. Businesses emailing their invoices to customers are exposing themselves and their clients to fraud which results in innocent victims at both ends of the payment: the client who has unknowingly paid a fraudster, and the legitimate business out of pocket.

Cash Flow issues

Clunky, manual payments and invoicing processes can result in days spent waiting for card and processor payments to clear which can wreak havoc on a business's cash flow.

Automatically reconcile your invoices

Ordo enables customers to pull invoices directly from their accounting system - all via Codat’s single API. They can now credit all payments received directly to the customer's bank account using a reference of their choice, giving businesses back their valuable time.

Send invoices securely - without the fear of being hacked

A business owner can easily link their receivables ledger from their accounting software with Ordo. Invoices are sent securely and Ordo informs the payer of who they’re going to be paying before they pay, giving the end customer peace of mind.

Get paid quickly and easily

Now with the new integration powered by Codat, business owners can easily link their receivables ledger from their accounting software with their Ordo app and send smart payment requests to their customers. Customers can now receive payment immediately.


What is Codat?

Codat is a technology company that lets banks and fintechs plug into their small business customers and the software they use giving them seamless access to real time customer data

Codat is building an eco-system of connected datasets that handle the heavy lifting of integrations leaving providers free to focus on improving their product for their small business customers.

What does Codat offer to financial service providers?

Codat provides financial service providers with seamless integrations with the software used by your small business customers - all through a single API.

We make accounting integration simple.

Does Codat allow for a two way data flow?

Codat both extracts data from your customers accounting software for your consumption as well as inserts data from your platform into their accounting software. A two way data flow.

For instance, a bank could pull data from their customers accounting software packager in order to make accurate lending decisions. A bank could also push transactional data into their customers accounting software package.

Codat supports both the push and pull of data from both cloud and on-premise versions of customers' accounting software. Some of the data sources include Clearbooks, Xero, Sage, Quickbooks.
Find out how Codat works here.

How does it work?

Codat handles four key parts of the process for your integrations: authorisation, standardisation, connectivity and synchronisation. These steps should allow you to have integrations up and running very quickly and let you focus on your core business objectives. Get in touch to find out more

What type of data sources do Codat support?

Codat supports integrations with three types of data sources; Accounting, Banking and Commerce.

How long is the implementation process?

Speed of implementation will depend on how your company would like to use Codat’s API and the data sets it would like to push and pull that best suit your business needs and the needs of your customers.

If you’re a lender the process is simple. Codat could get you up and running in a matter of days. Our solution is faster, simpler and less expensive than building in house.

Depending on this implementation can take between 2 weeks and 2 months.

Is Codat’s offering white labelled?

Codat is a completely white labelled solution. Our service is offered as a fully white labelled, cloud hosted, Integration as a service which enables our clients to offer native connectivity across a variety of products and use cases.

Our products are built by industry experts and white labelled to power the world’s leading financial service providers products.

Do we handle customer onboarding?

Your customers' onboarding would be defined as level 1 support and be handled by you.
Codat does provide detailed instructions for installing and configuring our offline connectors, as well as step-by-step troubleshooting instructions to help your team diagnose any customer issues.

If you have any questions about onboarding please contact us here

Is the data secure?

We understand the importance of data security, that’s why all our data is stored in a Microsoft Azure database as standard, and hosting costs are included within our annual license fee. Penetration test certificate and ISO27001 compliance can be provided on request.

Penetration test certificate and ISO27001 compliance can be provided on request.

What regions do you cover?

Codat’s offering is international and we support the main SME accounting packages in Canada, US, UK, Australia & New Zealand, Netherlands and Hong Kong, and are looking to expand our offering in the near future.

Start the conversation about how Codat can help your business. Do you have a particular question or want to schedule a call?

How does Codat support small businesses?

Codat’s mission has always been to make life easier for small and medium-sized businesses.

By giving their financial service provider access to their company data, small businesses can benefit from faster, fairer and more bespoke products and services that match their unique and changing needs.

What support do Codat offer customers?

Codat maintains and monitors each connection so you don’t have to. Our developers have designed our system to make it as easy as possible to use and provide expert ongoing developer support.

Find out more about how Codat can support your business and get started here