Why partner with Codat?

  • Provide customers with the type of digital experience and connectivity they have come to expect.

  • Give your customers back their valuable time so that they can focus on growing their businesses.

  • Faster, simpler and less expensive than building integrations in-house.

  • A fully white labelled solution.

Benefits of Codat for eCommerce & POS

Saves your customer valuable time

Small business merchants don’t have the time for the added administration of reconciling their accounts. Providing this integration will give them back the time they need to focus on their business

Seamless experience

Your customers can integrate their accounting platform with their POS all from within their POS app. They can also select what data is synchronised and how frequently

Mapping data

Codat handles the mapping and grouping of sales, payments and fee data into the correct format before it is pushed into your customers' accounting software

Ongoing maintenance & support

Codat maintains and monitors each connection so you don’t have to. Our developers have designed our system to make it as easy as possible to use and provide expert ongoing developer support.

Simple set-up

Codat could get you up and running in a matter of days. Our solution is faster, simpler and less expensive than building in house.

Increased coverage

Codat provides an integration with all the major accounting platforms your customers use to run their business. That means you can achieve vast market coverage all via one API.

Industry experts

Codat will work with your team to ensure a bespoke, successful and timely integration. Our experience of tackling the common issues of accounting integration will save you time and frustration.

How iZettle used Codat to power their business

“iZettle are dedicated to providing small businesses with the best tools to build their business. Codat has allowed us to offer a market-beating product without a huge development spend. ”


Do we handle customer onboarding?

Your customers' onboarding would be defined as level 1 support and be handled by you. Codat does provide detailed instructions for installing and configuring our offline connectors, as well as step by step troubleshooting instructions to help your team diagnose any customer issues.

Does Codat Push & Pull data?

Codat supports both the push and pull of from cloud and on-premise versions of customers' accounting software

How long is the implementation process?

Speed of implementation will depend on how your company would like to use Codat’s API and the data sets it would like to push and pull that best suit your business needs and the needs of your customers. Depending on this implementation can take between 2 weeks and 2 months.

Is Codat’s offering white labelled?

Codat is a completely white labelled solution.

Is the data secure?

Codat stores data in a Microsoft Azure database as standard, and hosting costs are included within our annual license fee. Penetration test certificate and ISO27001 compliance can be provided on request

What regions do you cover?

Codat’s offering is international and we support the main SME accounting packages in Canada, US, UK, Australia & New Zealand, Netherlands and Hong Kong, and are looking to expand our offering in the near future .

What support do Codat offer?

Codat provides full level 2 developer support to our clients. For end-user support we request our clients contact Codat on their behalf. If Codat needs to do further troubleshooting with the end user, this can then be arranged. Codat provides self-service support documentation which is available for our clients.