Sync for Banking

Automate your customers’ bookkeeping. Provide integrations to every accounting platform.

Give your customers the robust, configurable banking-to-accounting integrations they expect


Beat competitors on customer experience

Customers need best-in-class bank feeds and automated reconciliation to focus their time where it matters.

Retain more customers

Customers who integrate their accounting software are usually at least twice as sticky.

Increase share of payments

Incentivise customers to make more of their payments from your accounts by making the reconciliation experience seamless.

Be at the centre of your customers’ businesses

Increase interconnectivity to remain central to your customers as they use more and more software products.

The problem

Customers expect their bank to help them save time bookkeeping by providing accounting integrations.

Bank reconciliation is a complicated thing to automate, especially to multiple different accounting platforms.

The solution

Sync for Banking is the simplest way for banks to give their customers robust and configurable two-way integrations with all the leading accounting platforms.


A universal API for all the leading accounting platforms


A single data model for mapping banking to accounting

Bank accounts

Bank accounts data including name, ID, currency, balance, sort code and account number


Bank transactions

Transaction data including amount, current account balance, and transaction type