Codat helps Easly eliminate manual data collection by enabling customers to integrate seamlessly with their financial platforms.

About Easly

Easly provides funding to Canada’s most innovative companies by advancing government tax credits and grants

Our approach

Outdated, slow digital experience

Easly understood that customers have come to expect a speedy and streamlined digital experience when it comes to running and funding their business. Manually finding and uploading documentation proved to be cumbersome for the customer so improving that experience was paramount.

Out-of-date contributed data

Easly needs companies to provide up-to-date accounting data when they apply for funding.
This helps Easly assess the creditworthiness of the company applying and determine
exactly how much funding they should offer it. PDF uploads become quickly outdated.


Easly customers use a wide variety of financial platforms so in order to properly serve their
customer base they would need to integrate with as many accounting systems as possible.

Speedy, streamlined user experience

Codat helps Easly streamline their application process which accelerates their time to funding and simplifies how their customers obtain financing.

Accurate, up-to-date data

Codat provides Easly with access to their customers’ live data, which helps them make speedy and accurate funding decisions on an ongoing basis.

A single API

Rather than spending precious development time building individual integrations to the different accounting platforms their customers used, with Codat, Easly are able to connect to multiple accounting platforms via a single API.

“Codat has prioritized our needs and the needs of our customers by creating a simple, streamlined, and expedient connection flow. Plus, the data we need is at our fingertips and includes great visualizations, which help us work as quickly as possible for our customers. Working with Codat has allowed us to fund our customers rapidly and efficiently, something that sets us apart from our competitors.”

Lisa Riemondy
Head of Product