Codat helps Summit users build fast, accurate and automated financial forecasts

About Summit

Summit enables users to build financial models using simple building blocks and logic developed by experts.

Our approach

Offering had to be automated

Rather than relying on manual data entry, Summit wanted to offer their users the option to automatically populate the building blocks of their models with data from their accounting package of choice

Coverage had to be extensive

Summit recognized that they would require connectivity with as many accounting packages as possible in order to better serve their users

Implementation had to be quick

As a start-up, Summit wanted to get up and running quickly. They recognized that building a full set of accounting integrations themselves would take considerable time, so Codat seemed like the natural choice to support

Reduced manual process

Via Codat’s API, Summit’s users are able to connect their accounting package in a matter of minutes, allowing them to populate their models with real-time and accurate data direct from source

Best-in-class standardization

Codat sorts, converts, rewrites and reworks the data to a common format across all the accounting packages so that it’s easy for Summit to work with

Bespoke synchronization

Codat enables Summit to set a synchronization frequency with their users’ accounting software, allowing them to offer a market leading product which takes into consideration the most up-to-date accounting data

“We tried other services, both full-service engineering (to write integrations) and APIs. Codat stood out among those alternatives with a deep feature set, robust development environments (sandboxes), and the technical support needed to ship on time. ”

Matthew Wensing