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Fintech, let's get back to business!

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Fintech, let's get back to business!

The future of fintech is now!

Money20/20 offers more than a top view on the global financial industry. As fintech’s exclusive content, sales, and networking platform, they are the go-to source for in-depth analysis and insight.

Join industry leaders of fintech to learn about new technological breakthroughs, embedded finance, and powerful platforms that are streamlining the proliferation of financial services. A new level of digitization fueled a tremendous dependency on fintech and compressed a decade’s worth of change into a single year.

Meet Yasamin Karimi, Head of Product at Codat after the Think Tank session, called "What should an open data economy look like". The session will take place at the Speakeasy, Wednesday, 22nd of September at 2 pm.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone in person - we will be hanging out and chatting with Zafin's team at Money 20/20! Stop by and learn how Codat’s single accounting, commerce, and bank API is powering the financial products and services used by small businesses every day.

Let’s shape the future!

  • Date:
    • September 21st, 2021 BST
  • Start Time:
    • 9:00am BST

Event Location

Rai Amsterdam

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Yasamin Karimi

Head of Product, Codat